Sponsor Promotion

What is Netpas Sponsor Promotion?

If your company is related with shipping business, why don't you promote your company in Netpas Sponsor?
Whole 250,000 users of Netpas Distance are working in shipping business and they are all your potential clients.
We will expose your company to your potential clients all day long and the cost is very reasonable.


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Cost effective advertisement.

Save your money and get discounted rate for contracting 1 year

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Long time exposing

Expose your company all day long for whole working hours.

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Positive and effective results

250,000 users will click your sponsor banner and redirected to your website.

Potential to all maritime business sectors

Are you still paying high cost for ad in website & magazines?
It is time to reduce cost and change to efficient ad system.
Your sponsor is very potential to all of them below.

Shipping company, Chartering Broker, Ship Broker, Ship Owner, Insurance Company, Maritime Lawyer, Port Authority, Agent, Maritime Security, Maritime Educational, Maritime Organization and etc.

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Netpas Sponsor Promotion

How to promote

1) Side banner

Side banner always expose to Netpas users for whole working day.
250000 users will click the banner and redirect to your website.

  • Side banner always expose for whole working hours.
  • 250000 are all your clients
  • The side banner randomly changes
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2) Popup window

Prepare notable image to attract Netpas Free Users. Your popup image will pop up and hundreds of thousands Free Users clicks the banner and redirect to your website.

  • Image size : maximum 550px (H) x 430px (W)
  • Popup Day : Select one day from Monday to Sunday (if not occupied)
  • One time popup per a week

What to prepare

  • Company name : 25 characters limit including blanks
  • Company introduction : 100 characters limit including blanks
  • Popup image
  • Your website address to be linked
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Application Procedure

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    Order & Invoice

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    Start Service

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