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Netpas Estimator FAQ

Yes, you can share the voyage estimation files by saving them in your local network folder.

First, please create a shared folder on your local network .

Click “Change Default Folder” and a box pops up for you to choose the shared folder.

This way, all users can share the same data in the shared folder

However, please be noted that the error may occur if your network is not stable.

You may meet “Read Only” sign when opening an old estimation file which was not made in accordance with normal standard. 

You can make it editable simply by clicking OK button.

You can remove “Home” window from your taskbar to tray menu if needed.

1. Overall Setting

You can set the default navigation options for all of your estimation files.

2. Individual Setting for Each Estimation Files

     The individual navigation options are available at the bottom of each estimation files. 

     An option box pops up for you to choose when clicking each option.

You can input local currency and exchange rate in Port Charge to convert them into your basic currency

 in order to apply it to your profit/loss calculation. 

You can input the lumpsum freight amount in “Total Freight” then the unit freight will be calculated automatically. 

You can estimate the Port Working Days with Laytime Estimator.

Please input “Holidays during port stay” and “Holidays to be worked”, if any. 

The number of holidays will be applied to total port stay time. 

Or you can input Holiday Constant based on your contractual terms. 

For example, if SSHEX Friday 1700 – Monday 0800, you can input 2.625 as “holiday constant” and the “Holidays during port stay” will be calculated automatically based on your estimated port working days. 

In case you have “Reversible” laytime among the ports,  you can set them as one “Reversible Group.” 

You can input the laytime calculation details at each port and the grouped ports will be combined as one laytime calculation. 

You can print out the laytime calculation or save it as PDF format to send it to your contractual counter party directly. 

Printing menus are provided such as inserting the watermark, letterhead, signature and etc. to your print out.