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Use of Material

The material contained within the Netpas.net Web Site, including but not limited to text, data, software, graphics, logos and other material, is the property of Seafuture Company Limited who retain full copyright of the Material. Use of the Material is granted to the Client in return for an agreed subscription.
Non payment does not release the user from his obligations outlined in this contract.
Use of the Material in the Web Site is granted only to the Client with whom Seafuture Company Limited has agreed payment.
Clients are permitted to download material and use it, with proper attribution, in their daily business. This permission strictly excludes reports, presentations, prospectuses or other analyses prepared in connection with the raising of finance or other products offered for sale to third parties or for free distribution without the written permission of Seafuture Inc. Limited.
If you would like to obtain permission from Seafuture Inc. to use any of the Material in a product on your Web Site, or if you would like to link your Web Site to Netpas.net, please e-mail :
If you violate any of the Terms, your permission to use the Material will be automatically terminated and you will be obliged to immediately destroy any copies you have made of the Material.

Limitation of Liability

Whilst care has been taken in the production of the material displayed in Netpas.net, no liability can be accepted for any loss incurred in any way whatsoever by any person who seeks to rely on the information contained herein.
It is understood and agreed that the complex nature of the shipping business may result in inherent limitations, inaccuracies and shortfalls in the information collected, processed and provided by Seafuture Inc..
For example:
  • Information in the Vessel Index may be based on estimates or subjective judgements (such as ship prices where no sales information for comparable ships is available);
  • The information in the databases of other maritime data collection agencies may vary from the information in that of Seafuture Inc.;
  • Whilst Seafuture Inc. has taken reasonable care in the compilation of its statistical and graphical information, which is believed to be accurate and correct, the compilation of data is inherently subject to limited audit and validation procedures and may therefore contain errors.
Seafuture Inc., its agents, officers and employees shall in no circumstances whatsoever be liable, in negligence or otherwise, for any loss suffered by the client or any third party arising from the provision of information by Seafuture Inc. for any purpose.
Seafuture Inc. cannot guarantee that Netpas.net will be on-line at all times, or that all its functionality will be available at any specific time. In addition, although we take precautions to ensure that our server and the system are protected from viruses, we cannot guarantee that computer viruses or other harmful items may not be present in the system. If you use Netpas.net or the Material in it you do so at your own risk. Seafuture Inc. cannot be responsible for any costs incurred involving the servicing or replacement of equipment or data, as a result of any such harmful items being encountered.
Some of the Material on Netpas.net is provided by third parties and Seafuture Inc. cannot be held responsible for third party Material.


Data on seafuture is prepared by Seafuture Inc. for the use of Netpas.net subscribers.

Members of the Netpas.net are permitted to download material and use it, with proper attribution, in their daily business. This permission strictly excludes reports, presentation or other products offered for sale to third parties, or for free distribution without the written permission of Seafuture Inc..

If Seafuture ever discovers an item that is copyrighted by somebody else (other than the contributing Member), then Seafuture will refuse to publish it on this site, or will remove it immediately with or without the consent of the contributing Member.If any member of the general public ever discovers an item displayed on this site which is copyrighted by a third party (other than the contributing Member), Seafuture will happily remove the item from the online database immediately, with or without the consent of the Member who contributed it. Apart from removing the offending item immediately upon notification , Seafuture cannot accept any further responsibility for copyrighted material that may be submitted by Members without being noticed, especially if the contributing Members submit such information directly at the site

Hyperlinks to Other Sites

Netpas.net contains links to third party web sites. As these web sites are maintained by others, Seafuture Inc. cannot be held responsible for the content or accuracy of the material of such web sites. Seafuture Inc. provides the links to third party web sites as a convenience for the client and not as any form of endorsement of these sites. Any decision to visit a linked third party web site must be taken at the Clients' risk.


The Client agrees and hereby undertakes to hold Seafuture Inc. and its affiliated companies, its agents, officers and employees (Indemnified Parties) harmless against all demands, actions, claims, liabilities, losses, costs, charges and expenses (claims) arising out of your use of the Material or your breach of the terms of this Agreement. This undertaking shall apply only to the extent that the Indemnified Parties are named, or threatened with being so named, in an action or proceeding alleging that the Material on Netpas.net was false or misleading or otherwise partially or wholly gave rise to the alleged cause of action.


Seafuture may deprive or confine a member of his membership if the memeber do harm to other members or this site or general public but not limited to


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