General FAQ

You can search your user ID and password if you know any license keys that you have. If you do not remember anything, please contact us to provide any related information on invoice number, applied email address, or company name for quick search of user ID.

Contact :
We are sorry to inform you that it is hard to change your user ID. Please sign up and create new one.

Sign up :
If you do not receive email for verification and license key, please check your spam box.

How to Order

[Step 1] - Select one product and Click 'Buy' to purchase
[Step 2] - Select "Payment Type" either Bank Remittance or Credit Card

1. Bank Remittance Payment
- Netpas will send the invoice with our Bank Information to customer's E-mail
-> Customers send the Bank Slip after payment to Netpas via either E-mail or Fax
-> Netpas will send your License Key right after receiving customer's Bank Slip.
(Buyer should bear all the remittance charge)

2. Credit Card Payment
- Netpas will send License Key to customer's E-mail right after payment.
(Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB)

3. Register Netpas User ID with the License Key at

[Step 3] - Fill all information => Click "Next"
[Step 4] - Confirm the information after modifications
-- Please fill "Valid E-mail address" because all important information
(Order,Receipt,Product software) will be delivered to your E-mail
You can make your payment with credit card or bank remittance.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB.

In case of credit card, you will receive your license key by email immediately.

In case of bank remittance, you will receive your invoice with our bank detail. Buyer should bear all the remittance charge.
If you send us the bank slip after payment, we will issue your license key against the slip immediately.
We are delivering all important information(Receipt,Invoice,License Key etc,) via E-mail.
When purchasing our product, E-mail address should be provided to Netpas.
If you are aware of this, you are welcome to use your free e-mail address when placing your order.